Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back to the Future!

OK... someone please explain this to me. On, I can buy the Mumford & Sons album, "Babel" (which includes my new favorite song... "Lover of the Light") in two ways. I can download the album as an MP3 download (my preferred method) for $14.49. And if I want to go back to the pre-2000 method of music listening, I can buy the CD for $12.85.

First of all... why would buying the CD be cheaper? The CD had to be produced along with the jewel case, album art and packaging. It then must be shipped to me which means it needs to be put into some sort of shipping box (however small) and then put onto a plane, truck or other method of transport. And then it must be actually delivered to my house. This makes no sense whatsoever.

What makes even less sense is that if you buy the CD, you get the MP3 album for free. WTF?!? Who is setting the prices at Amazon? It's only $1.64. I care not about the money. It's the principal that I object to. But having said all of this, I think I'll save the $1.64 and buy the CD, download the music and put the CD in a box in my basement (where all of my other CDs now reside).  ;-)